Halloween Lookbook 2023

It's spooky season. Time to shop for your Halloween costume! 
Are you tired of spending loads of money on a costume that you only wear for a few hours one time?! Well, we put together a few costume ideas for you where you can incorporate some of our bestselling SWAK pieces so you can get years of continuous wear out of your one time Halloween costume purchase. Genius right?!
(Wearing our Priyanka Dress in Black)
(Wearing our Serena Set on Brown)
(Waring our Alexa Cardigan and Maya Skirt in silver)
(Wearing our Olive Dress in camo)
(Wearing our Alina Shirt Dress in white)
(Wearing our Hope Dress in brown)
(Wearing our Mary Skater Dress in Punch)
(Wearing our Eternity Maxi Dress in Cream)
(Wearing our Breezy Set in Wavy)
(Wearing our Keri body Con Dress in burgundy)
(Wearing our Charly Trench Dress in olive)
(Wearing our Katie Dress in black)
(Wearing our Alyssa Cardigan and Cara Pants in red stripe)
For a limited time, get any of the items featured in our Halloween Lookbook at 30% off when your order is $100 or more.
Shop all items featured in our lookbook here.

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