How can I help you?

For those of you that don't know, I'm Rayna. I hold a few roles here at SWAK Designs, but my favorite is chatting with you guys. Over the phone, on social media and in emails I always love hearing from you all and helping where I can when it comes to customer service. 
Something you may not know is that I'm our resident in house fit model. That means I have the luxury of trying on every single SWAK item that hits our website. Even all of the ones that don't. Because of that, I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to the fabric, fit and potential styling of each garment. 
So, I'd like to extend my expertise to you if you're interested! Do you have questions on the fit of the garment? Not sure of the color your seeing on your screen? Want me to help you decide on the perfect size for your first SWAK buy? I'm HERE FOR YOU! I can help with all of that and more! If you just want to give us some feedback, I'm happy to hear it and pass it on to our team. So, help me help you. Fill my day up chatting with you beauties so my boss has to pay me to have fun and we can all call it "working".
Shhhhh. I didn't say that,
There are a few ways we can do this. 
  1. Simply leave a comment on this blog post. Ill be sure  to respond to it. 
  2. Shoot me an email at
  3. Comment here that you want to set up a call. Ill reach out to you and we can schedule a phone call!
I'm here to help and I'm really excited to chat!

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