♥ KK Love ♥ Marketing Manager ♥ Creative Design Assistant

If you're an avid follower of the SWAK social media presence, then you may have noticed a new "tone" or "voice" to the SWAK brand. That voice is our new Social Media Manager Miss. KK Love!
Does she look familiar? 
Of course she does! She also happens to be one of our models! KK is a talented model, singer, songwriter and overall amazing human. Did we mention Mommy? She's a mommy too! So as you can image she has her hands full. We are so lucky to have her as a member of our team. 
(Wearing our Tammy Jumpsuit
KK is ready to hear from you and to help our team make all of your SWAK Designs dreams come true. Feel free to reach out to her on Our Instagram, Facebook or TikTok page and ask her any questions you may have. Feel free to send her any ideas of items you'd like to see us carry on the site. She is more than happy to hear from you all.
(Wearing out Jill Top)
Want to learn a little more about KK? We have you covered!


Fav color: GREEN

Zodiac Sign: CAPRICORN

Favorite food spot (name of place and city) and what are you ordering? Hands down Sundowners family restaurant on E street in San Bernardino. It is one of the only places you can get home cooked style food that’s BOMB for like $5 and I’m talking shrimp, steak and comes with drinks and salad! I order a grilled cheese with ranch and fries every single time :) my grandparents Julie & Rick who passed away brought me here for dinner as a kid and it just stuck with me . It also smells like old people & hello fun fact that’s my favorite scent 😂

Pretend I'm a Starbucks barista. What is your go to order? MOCHA Frappuccino with coconut milk extra sweet or a London fog extra sweet .

How long have you worked for SWAK? I’ve Modeled for SWAK for some years now and always had such a great time with them :) and for the last couple months I’ve been doing social media management and been more involved and have absolutely loved getting to grow with the team and have more input to help our beautiful plus size ladies.

Why do you like it? I’m a creative full-time, and I love getting the opportunity to not only do something I enjoy, but something that matters to me. As a plus size woman, and as a mother, it’s really important to me that I get to help a brand that is actually serving women who don’t normally have an option to feel beautiful, sexy and comfy all in one. Being able to do that is some thing really magical.

When you're not working, What are you doing? Haha not working ? Is that a thing ? 😂 I’m a mommy of 2 and a singer and 100% of my time goes to them and I wouldn’t change it for the world .

Any hobbies? I love to dance, make my own vegan soap and adventure!


Be sure to head over and give her a follow on her Instagram. You may see some behind the scenes that you might not see otherwise. @kklove_ent

SWAK Designs is so lucky to have her as a member of the team!

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