♥ Leslie Ables ♥ Creative Director & Designer

We promised to introduce you to the SWAK team, and what better place to start than the top with our Creative Director and Designer, Leslie. Leslie is the newest member of the SWAK team, but man has she already left her mark.
(Wearing our Keri Dress tucked into an adorable mini skirt)
With Leslie has come a whole new restyling of SWAK Designs and of the brand as a whole. She has designed the new website as well as all of the new pieces you see on the site. Leslie has worked with the team to adjust the fit of SWAK Designs pieces to insure that we are offering an amazing fit and quality with each and every one of our garments. 
(Wearing our Hope Maxi Dress)
Leslie styles and directs each and every photoshoot. She is extremely hands on and approaches her role here at SWAK with a fierce passion that radiates like a fire. From her design sketches to fabric selections followed by the actual design of the piece, then the fitting process to approval for production, she has her hands and eyes on every garment. She is always one step ahead designing for the next season and forever inspiring the team to dream and push for more. This woman exudes fashion, art and beauty and she pours it all into her work here at SWAK Designs. HOW LUCKY ARE WE?!
(Wearing our Dina Dress)
Want to learn a little more about Leslie? We have you covered!
Favorite color: All...they're all just too beautiful to choose 
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 
Favorite food spot (name of place and city) and what are you ordering? I love Tao in Los Angeles. I'm getting Lobster fried rice and the fortune cookie dessert...it'll blow your mind.
Pretend I'm a Starbucks barista. What is your go order? Any type of refresher, medicine ball, or just ice water. I don't do caffeine.
What did you want to be when you were growing up? I wanted to be an attorney or architect until I was out of high school. Then I changed gears when I realized I could actually make a living in fashion.
Why do you like working for SWAK? I love being able to create beautiful looks for women.
What inspires you? I'm inspired by beauty... beauty in people, in nature, in art, architecture... I try and find beauty everywhere. 
What keeps you going? Every morning I wake up excited to create clothing and experiences that bring out the inner confidence in every woman that we serve. When I see a woman enjoying their life wearing our clothes, I'm overjoyed and I'm satisfied that I've done my job.
When you're not working, What are you doing? I'm going to art galleries, museums, anything cultural. I'm inspired by other's interpretations of beauty.
Be sure to head over and give her a follow on her Instagram. You may see some behind the scenes that you might not see otherwise. @leslieplusstyle
SWAK Designs is so lucky to have her as a member of the team!


  • Tiffany

    Woo hoo! Go Leslie!!

  • Yolanda

    I was wondering what size of the hope dress are you wearing

  • Rayna

    What a beauty!

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