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The SWAK Designs headquarters in located in Los Angeles, California. This is not only where our warehouse and offices are, but it is also where all of the fabric is sourced for the clothing we create. This is where the design process takes place from start to finish. All samples and patterns are made here in California and the production process takes place here as well. We are proud to say that we are a 100% domestic reliable company. 
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We never have to wait for our product to be unloaded from cargo ships or sent to us after being unpacked from an air plane. We have eyes on the product from the fabric selection point to the cutting to the sewing to the packaging and lastly the shipping. We take pride in our goods and do not want anyone other then the SWAK team to oversee any of the production process. 
Because of this we are able to offer our SWAK customers an A1 product that we can stand behind and be proud of. Yes, it can be more costly to make goods in the USA, but in our opinion, there is no other way. 
How do you feel about it? Is it important to you that the clothing and goods you purchase are made in the USA? Leave us a comment. We want to hear from you.

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  • ray

    It is so important for me to shop Domestic. Thank you.

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