♥ OUTFIT INSPIRATION ♥ @Anniesgotabun ♥

We promised to showcase looks that made us stop scrolling on the gram. I mean, outfit inspiration that is so good that it stops us dead in our tracks and has us saying "I Need that look now!". 
Here is another influencer that had us stop scrolling dead in our tracks. Say hello to, Annie from @anniesgotabun. 
(Wearing the Alina Shirt Dress in White)
Not  only is Annie's Instagram profile full of incredible outfit inspiration, she's also a mommy, wife, and lover of makeup and accessories. Her page is bursting with awesome content! And that's just her Instagram! Be sure to check out her Tik Tok as well @anniesgotabun.
(Wearing our Morgan Maxi Dress in Pink)
We are huge fans and are always waiting to see what she will be posting next. From pretty in pink to drop dead gorgeous in our Katie Dress in black. This woman makes anything look good. 
(Wearing our Katie Dress in Black)
Be sure to give her a follow. You won't regret it. 
Instagram: @anniesgotabun
TikTok: @anniesgotabun

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