Who is SWAK Designs?

SWAK, short for Sealed With a Kiss Designs is a Los Angeles-based company offering trendy, affordable plus size fashion. We believe that fashion should be fun and easily accessible. Plus size clothing shouldn't cost more simply because it is designed for a size 14+ figure. We’ve done our job if our customer feels confident in our plus size designs.  With over 20 years in experience with both fabric selection and manufacturing, we are proud to offer our expertise in fashion to sizes 1X-6X which is a size 14-34. 

Ok, ok, this has been our mission statement and we 100% endorse it! But, what is SWAK Designs really? If we pulled back the curtain of the "company" and allowed you an all access pass?

Well, SWAK Designs is a team. It's a family. Of not only its employees, but of its customers. It's a collaboration to create functional and stylish plus size clothing and in the process establish relationships. 

So, now that you know "WHAT" SWAK Designs is, we want to show you "WHO" SWAK Designs is.

It's actually much smaller and tight knit then you may think it is. Here at SWAK Designs we have a foundation team of 4 members not including our CEO. That's it. Those five members wear many hats within the company and do it with pride and expertise.

Starting next week we will be sharing with you some info on each of our team members. Get to know us and you get to know the brand. As we said.... we are a family and that includes you! Our customers! So, with a warm hug and a sloppy kiss on the cheek, Welcome


  • Thomas Steinsberger

    Dear SWAK Team, I purchased already 3 maxi dresses and i am wearing the dresses for everyday work or any casual purpose. Very good quality and soft fabric. The Bonnie dress I use to wear even in wintertime. Now I am purchasing knee length dresses for the spring and summer time. Keep on sealing with a kiss

  • Debora Alexis

    Wow! Twenty years ok! That nice, since then I know I have bought a lot! Love what I have bought in the past. Some of the your new styles are not for me. Nor are fabric designs..but I still here and looking, not going anywhere..
    Thank u!

  • ray

    Cant wait to learn about the team.

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