Dress for Success x SWAK Designs

As an organization, SWAK Designs and its leaders have felt passionate about providing trendy plus size clothing to our customers. In business over the last 10 years, SWAK has been committed to serving an underserved extended size range because fashion is for every body. Not only do we create clothing up to a 6x or size 36 but we are also dedicated to keeping our prices affordable. Given the current economic situation, the team at SWAK Designs feels it’s important – now more than ever- that we give back to our community. We know that the “average” US woman is a size 16 and yet, this is not properly represented in clothing donations. That is why we felt so strongly compelled to donate clothing to Dress for Success. As a plus size woman, you know – all too well- that finding professional attire can be both expensive and challenging. We gravitated toward Dress for Success because we understand the plight of plus size fashion and want to help bridge the barrier between poverty and financial independence.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the mission of Dress for Success, they empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. They provide each client with professional attire to secure employment, but they offer much more than a new outfit. Besides physically equipping the client with apparel and accessories, their program furnishes her with a confidence that she carries forever and the knowledge that she can actively define her life, the direction she takes and what success means to her. We believe in the power of confidence so this is an agenda we can support!

We are working directly with the Dress for Success Worldwide – West Los Angeles which opened their doors December 7, 2009. Since then, they have served nearly 5,000 women in the greater Los Angeles area. You can see in the banner at the top of this page exactly how many women, together with your support, that we have helped. It is our goal, with your continued patronage, that we will help serve 5,000 more. We’re confident you, our loyal customers, will be excited about our new partnership. Together, with every purchase, we are helping to pay it forward – making shopping with SWAK a great cause!