♥ Tiffany Aldaco ♥ Makeup and Hair Guru

So two weeks ago you met the leader of our crew, Leslie. If you didn't read that blog post.... hurry, go check it out here and then come back.
Then we introduced you to our in house "Wearer of many hats" Rayna. Read all about it here, and of course, then come back!
This week we want to introduce you to woman that makes us all beautiful and keeps SWAK models glamorous. Say hello to Tiffany our Hair and Makeup Guru. 
(Wearing our gold Gina Belt)
Tiffany is the epitome of beauty, style and grace. She shows up to every photoshoot and SWAK live looking professional and stylish and radiating positive energy. Her resume speaks for itself. Being in the makeup game for over 22 years really shows in her hard work and quality of service. 
(wearing our Morgan Maxi Dress)
She is so much more then just hair and makeup. She keeps us vibing and laughing whenever she's with the team. Always full of great styling advice she steps in when needed to adjust garments, models and style outfits on the fly. This girl comes up with the best outfit combos on the fly! And, we have to bring up that she is a master in the art of Eternity Dress tying and styling. Our jobs would be a lot harder if we didn't have her on the team.
(Wearing our Tammy Jumpsuit)
Want to learn a little more about Tiffany? We have you covered!
Fav color: My favorite color is a soft blush/coral pink 
Zodiac Sign: I’m proud to say I’m a Libra 
Favorite food spot? My favorite food spot is either Sol Cocina in Playa Vista, or Pho Show in Culver City. 
Pretend I'm a Starbucks barista. What is your go order? Can I get a grande salted caramel cold brew with extra cold foam?
How long have you been a makeup artist? 
I’ve been a makeup artist for 22 years. I started off in the theatre, spent many years doing weddings, moved on to Television, and am currently doing makeup for fashion brands and celebrity red carpet.  
What inspires you? The beauty of nature and the kindness of others. The beauty of nature inspires me to be a better artist, while the kindness of others inspires me to be a better person. 
What are three items from your kit that you love, love, love! Be detailed. brand color ect. and why.
1. MAC Pro full coverage foundation palette. I love the shade range and that you can adjust the coverage to get the perfect finish. It’s super convenient and is a life saver on set.
2. NYX Butter Lip Gloss in all colors, but my favorite color is Tiramisu. The Butter Glosses are not sparkly and they give the perfect amount of color and shine. 
3. Makeup brushes. I have a huge collection with every brush within every price point imaginable, but I find myself really loving Real Technique Brushes. They are durable, blend beautifully, and are accessible and inexpensive.
When you're not working, What are you doing? 
On my days off, I love to hang out with my parents and my  children. Family time is really important to me.
Hobbies? I love astrology and crystals and everything hocus pocus. Oh and TikTok! I LOVE TikTok
Be sure to head over and give her a follow on her Instagram. You may see some behind the scenes that you might not see otherwise. @tiffyloveslipgloss
SWAK Designs is so lucky to have her as a member of the team!


  • Meredith

    I’m loving the team profiles, but I have an off-topic question – are you going to start making the Amber Shrug in different colours again? It’s been my go-to for years and the ones I have are wearing out!

  • Anna Rasvh

    This girl is not only gorgeous on the outside, the interior matches as well! ❤️ Love this girl!

  • Bobbie Jura

    Everything you said about Miss Tiffany is absolutely true no words can express the beauty that she exuberates from the inside out she is absolutely amazing I adore her good job Tiffany

  • Julie Castillo

    I have a short story. When Tiffany was around 3-4 yrs old, she would open the fridge and sit on the ledge and paint her nails. Then off to the room to do her make up. I knew at that point she was a “GURU” in the making. I know this distinctly, because I’m her Mom😋

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